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All our meats are all home made and does not contain MSG. All our bowls are served with special garlic fried rice (sinangag), an egg* (itlog), & a side of papaya relish (atsara) with tomato and cucumber slices.

Beef Tapa Bowl (Tapsilog)
Tapa Sinangag Itlog

A Filipino fave! Our beef Tapa is thinly sliced beef tenderloin with vividly authentic flavors.  Served with a kickin’ vinegar sauce.

Pork or Chicken Tocino Bowl (Chicken or Pork Tosilog)
Tocino Sinangag Itlog.

Tocino is chicken or pork that is sweet cured, subtly caramelized, & highly flavorful. Like tapa, tocino is best experienced with our vinegar sauce.

Pork Longanisa Bowl (Longsilog)

Longanisa Sinangag Itlog

Longganisa is a lightly cured sausage made with a heavy dose of garlic.

Crispy Chicken Adobo Bowl (Adosilog)
Adobo Sinangag Itlog. Based on another Filipino fave dish, Chicken Adobo.
We take the traditional Adobo stew and grill the chicken after all the flavors have seeped in, turning it into a tasty rice topping with many different textures.

Tofudobo Bowl

Our vegetarian bowl made with deep fried tofu cubes on a bed of sauteed bean sprouts. Combined with our original vegetarian adobo sauce, it brings a california twist to a Filipino classic.

*except for tofudobo bowl


Old School Turon
Banana egg rolls rolled in brown sugar and fried with a sliver of jackfruit. Like our lolas used to make!

New School Turon

Banana egg rolls with a twist: Hazelnut filling for a party in your mouth!

Flan B Turon

Plan A didn’t work, but Flan B killed it!  Think: Flan you can eat with your fingers.  Mmmmmm.


lon Juice A truly Filipino refreshment, melon is sweetened cantaloupe juice made with shredded bits of fruit, served ice cold and awesome!

Buko Juice Coconut water: Sweet, invigorating, and renowned for its non-fat, low calorie, and high electrolyte content.

Dal-Mansi Juice Dalandan (Tropical Orange) and Kalamansi (Philippine Lime) in a cool citrus blend.