To our fellow Filipino Foodtruckers at the Pogi Boy Truck:

First off, congratulations on your successful launch at the IE Foodtruck Fest.  It looked like everybody had a good time and y’all sold out.  That’s great!  I’d like to extend a friendly welcome to the crazy world of foodtrucks.  Just one tip: If you ever do out of town events, don’t share a hotel room with the guys from Lomo Arigato.   We won’t elaborate…but consider yourself warned.

Anyway, on to the reason for this open letter.

Today marks the 2nd time that our beloved customers have mistaken your truck for ours.   At first, while we couldn’t help but notice the the similarities between our names and logos, we were willing to chalk it up to the whole imitation and flattery thang.  But unfortunately, we are starting to realize that this similarity won’t be good for either of us.  We occupy a very niche market and small space in the industry, and confusing our respective customers can’t possibly end well.  I mean, don’t larger corporations sue each other for things like this?

To illustrate:

(click to enlarge)

Your shirt designs are similar as well:

So, yeah, that’s basically it.  We thought we’d give you guys a chance to rectify this unfortunate situation, being the new guys on the block and all.  Filipinos pride themselves on their originality and ability to set themselves apart, and this would be a great way for you to showcase that talent.  We’re not one to make demands so we’re phrasing this as a request.  We’re all entrepreneurs and business people and the last thing we need is another obstacle to us all achieving the American Dream, especially one this easy to fix.

You have all the right to refuse, of course.  In which case we’d just be forced to do all we can to protect this little space we’ve worked so hard to carve for ourselves.

Salamat at mabuhay!

The Tapa Boy Crew

Update 6-25-11:

We’ve had a casual meeting with the Pogi Boy Truck’s owners and pending further developments, foresee an amicable solution to this issue, please stay tuned!

  • mimi

    i have not had the pleasure of tasting either trucks food, but the POGI BOY logo is way to similar to TAPA BOY, the background is identical, the lettering to similar, corporation have sued for less, maybe a change in the color would help.  just my opinion i am not a lawyer just love food trucks, stick together, dont divide, promote each other SHARE!!!! MUCH LOVE MIMI

  • L Agustin

    I agree! Pogi boy should show some originality to set themselves apart from the others. This way thier success would be based on their own thoughts. Tapa boy worked hard to get where they’re at now and for somebody to take a free ride off of them just isn’t fair. Good luck!

  • Obgmugen

    Truck’s probably run by a buncha FOBS. U know how THEY are. Just look at the PI….EVERYTHING about society over there is DIRECTLY influenced/taken from american culture. I mean…for Christ sake, they can’t even lay off a common word in the names….you would HAVE TO ASSUME its an attempt to mislead the public and draw traffic THEIR way. tsk tsk tsk. Shame.

  • Buangka

    um how else is the Filipino sun suppose to look. spiked hair vs bowl cut.(not the same) 

  • Buangka

    Disagree Success would be based on service and food quality

  • Mike

    Really Buang Ka?

    A face substituted for the “O” in Boy? Can’t come up with anything else different?

  • Ambot Nimo

    Did you get the Blessing of the Philippine government to use the Sun and stars? This is probably why Filipinos have so many dialects. They just cant unite. Besides I can tell the difference Maybe Im just one of the more educated Filipinos that can read. And that Tapa Girl is definately Pogi!

  • Mike

    Buang Ka,

    So are you saying that another restaurant that copies McDonalds’ logo and name will succeed because they have better service and food quality?

  • Mike

    Way to change the topic, bisaya/Buang Ka,

    The point here is the similarity of Pogi Boy’s logo to Tapa Boy’s.  It has nothing to do with dialects or uniting.  Unless you have a better argument?

  • gaya gaya boytruck

    we should copy mcdonalds and open up MANG DONALD… BUANGKA, ARE U THE DRIVER FOR POGI BOY?  how is the sun suppose to look? LOL…

  • kris yea thats my real name

    you guys are actually fighting this …that its not the same? wow dude, i know you guys must be affiliated with pogiboytruck…but come on yo…honestly? you really gona sit there and be like did u get permission with the government, etc…its not the same? with your white rabbit logo…im waitin for the day another korean truck opens up KOGI BOY TRUCK…then were ok…but til then…if youre a businessman, it was either you really copied for some reason….or you is one dumb businessman…

  • Anonymous

    they knew the names were basically the same already…why copy the friggin logo? i don’t see the point except for just blatant plagiarism.

  • fob power

    First of all… ur so called fobs are the ones that came up with the pinoy food we eat.. if ur pinoy then somebody in ur fam is a fob!! Ur a moron and deserve to get ur ass beat .. idiot.

  • Zelda

    The concept is the same. You cannot justify that the logos are different by taking them apart detail by detail. White Rabbit used the Filipino sun too but their logo is entirely unique. Even Pogi Truck’s logo is original. But Pogi Boy, c’mon.

  • kris yea thats my real name

    correct that..white rabbits menu…

  • Obgmugen

    Check out the reasoning power of this FOB. I was trying to make a point ( a very valid one ) and this poo stabber suddenly comes out of his tree and starts attacking me calling me this and that the other thing. Sheesh…..put the nescafe glass full of  taho and take a deep breathe. You’ll probably smell the putrid odor of tuyo cooking in your backyard.

  • Foxsport_news

    Never had tapaboy or pogiboy but as a pinoy businessman in the US…… Its ok to Copy the product bec its successful but dude… At least do some work and be creative with the branding and logo. Might as well name it copyboy… Sheesh!

  • Zelda

    Let’s not direct this argument toward “fobs,” they have nothing to do with the issue at hand here. While I cannot say it was Pogi Boy’s intention of “misleading the public and drawing traffic their way,” it is definitely doing that and that is a problem for both businesses. Pogi Boy must correct this.

  • Sweet_tea

    Agree upon to the Tapa Boy dicussion..

    it is simply all about “Originality” Tapa Boy has been operating for quite some time now..I’ve been a fan! they have worked thier way for each step of that ladder they are standing now. I’ve seen them happy, sad and worse! But @ This is true what Mike had to say.. “We occupy a very niche market and small space in the industry, and confusing our respective customers can’t possibly end well.” If ya’ll people from
    Pogi Boy don’t seem understand that well said sentence..then ya’ll gotta go back to BUKIDS IN THE PINAS. Did tho kamo mag tinda ng gi copy cat ninyo kay didto puro bukid wla mag tanaw ng mga Logo logo! didtho bagay mo basin mas yumaman pa kamo didtho sa BUKIDS!! lol

  • diego

    come to think of it , si dora explorer pa pic nyo…babae yon…pogi girl dapat

  • Maricar Lopez

    Alright, let’s break this down. You compare the sun and the name and the face. The sun is owned by the Philippines. The faces, two different expressions. The trucks, totally different. The menus completely opposite. The name is a generalizational term, cant do anything about that I just went on pogiboytruck website and their menu has nothing to do with White Rabbit or Tapa Boy. You guys all sell different items. I’m sorry but if you want to start pointing fingers let’s start with White Rabbit who bit off of Kogi. Sorry, White Rabbit sells the same thing but it’s Filipino. The food is what sets you apart. “Two” people confused the two trucks and you are making such a huge stink over it. If you look at just the logo not the sun then it’s two different logos.

    I’m a business major student and I can tell you right now the worst thing that is being done here is that Tapa Boy is shooting themselves in the foot. You have been around the longest and you are seriously getting bent over shaped over a baby truck, really? You have established yourself in the food truck industry where people know who you are. They know the giant jeepney. Do they have a giant jeepney? Are they selling tapas? The thing is you look more pathetic then anything else. You stand behind the fan base you have built and the food your fans come to love.

    As a FILIpina I’m more disgusted than anything else. All we do is argue and gossip. It’s pathetic. So what, let it be. What are you afraid of? First rule on business management 101: you don’t talk ish on your competitors. The more public you are about it the worse you look. Frankly, I see more fear in Tapa Boy.

  • Zerokul175

    To me pogi boy sounds like a mix between TAPA BOY and KOGI TRUCK, c’mon a little originality with the name and logo please.

  • Maricar Lopez

    Point 2: someone wrote in about mcdonalds. Let see, mcdonalds, carls, jack etc. What do they all have in common; name and burgers. However, you know where to go for a big Mac, you know where to go for a super star and you know where to go for a jumbo jack. Point is, yes they share the “boy” in their name. Pogi means cute does it not? So it’s the cute boy truck. Tapa boy is a boy and his Tapa Bowls. Bottom line, businesses will always share so many similarities and similar types of food but it’s more than that, that sets you apart. Any true business major would know that. What sets you apart from the competition Tapa Boy??? I think you should have asked yourself that question when you first wrote this letter.

  • Zelda

    As mentioned before, it’s not the details of the logo it’s the entire concept. Yes the Filipino sun is used many times in branding, there is no issue with that. Yes the characters representing both trucks is different, no issue with that. Yes the name of the trucks are, not entirely the same, slight issue but not the issue. The issue is the way Pogi Boy constructed their logo. The sun is the background, the “O” in “Boy” is replaced with the character representing the truck, and with those two details the logo already looks like Tapa Boy’s but to call it “Pogi Boy” is almost plagiarism. 

    Out of respect to Tapa Boy (and all other preexisting food trucks before them) Pogi Boy should have done more research and should have been more creative with their logo. Food truckers will welcome new food trucks and help them out as best they can, as long as what they have to offer is original and are respectful to the business of other food trucks. Tapa Boy has pointed out that people mistook Pogi Boy for them. Let’s turn the tables. What if people mistook Tapa Boy for Pogi Boy? It will cause a huge confusion for the new potential customers and followers for BOTH trucks. I can understand why Tapa Boy is upset. It is offensive because fellow food truckers should not be taking business away from other food truckers. They are all in the same business together and they all treat each other with respect but that respect must be earned.

    There is no “ish talking” on Tapa Boy’s part. They are merely requesting that Pogi Boy change their logo so that both businesses can continue to thrive. This matter must be settled soon for the good of both trucks.

    Oh and, you cannot compare White Rabbit to Kogi. White Rabbit does not “sell the same thing but Filipino.” You cannot simply take the meat of a spicy pork taco from Kogi and replace it with the meat of a sisig taco from White Rabbit. The recipe, the preparation, and the presentation are different. And if you’re going to claim that White Rabbit “bit off” Kogi, you should attack the several other fusion food trucks as well.

  • Dudechangeyourlogo

    No one has copyright over the “Philippine” sun but come on, the logo looks way too similar to Tapa Boy. Bad artist copy, good artist steal.

  • B.

    “Comes out of his tree”  — Are you serious?  That’s totally disgusting of you to say.  Are you sure you aren’t so simian looking yourself?  You’re probably one of those chubby Fil Ams from the suburbs who wear GAP sweatshirts and meet up in parking lots thinking you’re so cool.  Some of us actually came over here and are proud of our heritage..compared to others who are just dying to assimilate so completely.  Tuyo is delicious and you’re a douchebag.  Oh, and Tapa Boy > Pogi Boy. LATER  

  • Zelda

    You know where to go for a Big Mac, a Super Star, and a Jumbo Jack because McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., and Jack in the Box all have different and unique logos. Can you imagine if a new fast food restaurant called McDerre’sk opened up and they had silver arches that looked like a lower case “m” as their logo? Their menu could be totally different but the fact is that they’re sabotaging both businesses by confusing and misleading the public. McDonald’s would have every right to be upset and to take whatever actions necessary to make sure their business would succeed. Pogi Boy is just lucky Tapa Boy is giving them a chance to correct themselves.

  • Mike

    Ms. Lopez,


    “huge stink”

    Nope.  We are keeping it civil.  We still are.  You seem to be more emotionally invested in this than both our companies as you look like you’re losing your head over it.   I don’t know how anyone can be “disgusted” over a CIVIL OPEN LETTER. 

    I don’t know if you’re playing blind, but if you look at just the logo and not the sun then the similarities are even more obvious.

    I checked my business books and somehow I can’t find ” you don’t talk ish on your competitors”

    Maybe you should have a look at this:

    That’s one of the biggest and most successful companies on earth.  I’d like to think they’re doing something right.  Maybe you haven’t gotten to the section in your books that covers copyright and trademark infringement.

    Tell you what, why don’t you print out our blog post and your responses, show it to your Marketing 101 prof and let us know what his opinion is.  We’d love to hear it.


  • Mike

    Let’s keep things civil guys, there’s no need to attack each other.  Thanks.

  • Tubuckbac

    xactly !!!  it was still derived from years of creating ideas how to provide the best service, and most of all the quality of food which clients enjoy…..  all of it, from the logo to food to service,  all combined..

  • Zelda

    Service and food won’t matter if the public cannot tell the 2 different businesses apart based on their logos. Maybe the designer of the Pogi Boy logo should have spent another year creating more ideas rather than just taking ideas from other businesses, hmm?

  • Mkeller

    this maricar person cracks me up
    she claims to be a business student – that’s right you are only a student.
    business management 101? are you dumb? this open letter is about similar logos and have nothing to do with BM, but having the sense and decency not to copy a logo/brand
    you may need to take a course in common sense 101
    and pogi means handsome…unfortunately i did not see any pogi people working in the truck when i saw them at the IE festival…tsk tsk tsk – it would have been cool to see hot guys working on the truck then it makes sense to call it that
    what menus were you comparing?
    i just saw the menu for pogi vs white rabbit – wow! can you say creative? hahaha
    looks to me like pogi boy truck should be downsizing right about now
    brand manager/graphic designer as well as the creator of the menu should be fired
    whatever the case, i hope everything is resolved
    good luck copyboytruck…oops i mean pogiboytruck

  • Linda

    Go Tapa Boy!!!

  • facts

    No one has asked Tapa Boy if they have trademarked their logo? Of course the two logos are very similar and that is creatively the wrong thing to do, but unless Tapa boy has a trademark, what can you do legally? I would definitely be upset as an owner of Tapa Boy, but I would not have made it a public issue. Even though it is a civil letter, whether we like it or not it is showing a negative image onto the Pogi Boy truck and accusing them of copying. I think it should have been something discussed privately with the two trucks and not an issue for us to be apart of. I am a huge food truck fan and have tried almost 100 trucks and I know the difference between trucks and could never mistake them. They are all so great for their unique food and in the end that’s what gets people to their trucks. This is an unfortunate situation, but with any business there will always be those who try to do what you do in a different way and you have to make sure you’re ready for them by trademarking your image and name and if it goes past that point, you need talk with them privately or go to court. period.

  • Lynn Terra

    Since when did the Fillipino sun become a trademark of any one person?

  • cameron

    larger companies will sue you in a heart beat. As you should to if your kindly asking them andthey dont respond to your requests. I agree with tapa boy 100% that the logois a knock off of the original tapa boy logo.Hope it doest go to a lawsuit because tapa will win all the way .. Cameron from Georges greek cafe

  • facts

    When you trademark it’s the logo as a whole, not the filipino sun itself. Also I think it’s very unprofessional for the other companies as well as people affiliated with tapa boy as representatives to be making very blunt, harsh remarks on twitter even after you “discussed the matter”. Like I said before, if it’s done at all it should be done privately. I do believe you are trying to have people perceive their truck in a negative matter maybe even so they shut down, but we do recognize that it is you that would like to do that and that can be a negative association with your truck. Also the article that you shared about apple suing samsung, it was a 3rd party that wrote the article about what happened. Apple is a huge company so when they file a suit, which is the right thing to do in the first place, it will go public and they just issued a statement after the fact. I usually don’t write many comments on things I see, but I’m just disappointed on how this matter is being handled, it’s very unfortunate for both parties.

  • Jonaspinas

    There’s a lot of symbols that can used for the Philippines, ie carabao, salakot, mayon volcano, banaue rice terrecces, national heroes

  • djASIA

    I’m someone who has had an original logo copied, tweaked, and republished before. From this perspective, I can understand Tapa Boy’s ‘frustration’. I’m sure Tapa Boy worked very hard to develop their original logo. It just isn’t fair or right for someone else in the same industry to copy or tweak anybody else’s work and pass it as their own. Whether it’s only one person or a crowd of people confusing the two trucks, the mix-up is there. It’s just bad business. I’m glad to hear that they foresee an amicable solution to this issue.

  • Rockstar1

    I see Pogi Boy is working on this mishap.  Good for them for not putting their business matters out in public like this b.s. open letter. Are you guys that insecure? hahahahahaha

  • I_am_API

    BS? Let me guess you would have made it into a flame war, right? You’re a clown!

    Props to Tapa Boy for the class handling of the situation and props to Pogi Boy for responding professionally. Result: both trucks are up and running, specific branding intact and can go forth and serve delicious, non-warm tray Pinoy food to a hungry SoCal.

  • Cake

    it’s spelled DEFINITELY, not definately.

  • Msstaite

    I’ve been a patron of both trucks and I honestly don’t see much similarity and would never mistake one truck for the other. Other than the similar Filipino trademark (the sun) that I don’t believe any one Filipino or group would have a right to use in exclusivity. You don’t even service the same areas. Lots of places use a symbol or logo in place if a letter in the title. Honestly this wreaks of pettiness.

  • Eric

    Just last week my sister mistook their truck for the tapa boy truck. So it does happen, the similarities with the NAME and logo is what confused her. I don’t think it’s pettiness, it’s just bad business practice on Pogi Boy’s part. I mean c’mon, just look at the name for god’s sake!